Turning In

Turning In
Faith is believing in your possibility

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unit 6 Integral Assessment

The universal kindness exercise and integral assessment gave me a new perspective on being connected to the source of my existence. In praying for the alleviation of suffering, and a life of health, happiness, and wholeness for all, I became present to the words I was repeating, and observed that I was repeating the words at a very fast pace; it was very noisy in my mind, at that instant I consciously, intentionally focused my attention to my breath and started breathing slower, which slowed down my speech. I then started to repeat the prayer out loud, which caused me to experience the relationship, or connection with the words, not empty words that flow from my lips, but a pouring out of my heart; being the conduit for freedom from suffering, loving-kindness, health, and wholeness for all people including the self.
I will focus on expanding my capacities for loving-kindness and a quiet mind; this will start me on the path of human flourishing. Periodic integral assessment will track my progress in fulfilling my goals to attain health, wholeness and happiness for all people.


  1. Joan,
    That was a nice post. I too found that focusing on my breathing and calming my mind prior to starting this exercise made it easier for me to complete. It took the focus off of me and onto others and the world around me.
    The integral assessment helps us to see what areas need our immediate attention and keep us in balance in our lives. You are right it can also be used as a way to track our progress in fulfilling our long term goals.
    Good luck with the loving kindness and quiet mind exercises. I too am trying to apply this more to my own life. I am still working on the forgiving for the benefit of my own health and wellness.
    Have a great week and good luck

  2. Being the conduit from suffering, loving-kindness, health and wholeness for all people including the self. That is such a beautiful and inspiring statement. It makes me want to be more and to do more in the world and in my own life.

    YOu have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts. I really enjoy reading your writings.