Turning In

Turning In
Faith is believing in your possibility

Monday, November 15, 2010

My thoughts create my reality

I think that the contemplative practice and Loving-Kindness exercises are the two most beneficial practices for me.   Contemplative practices create the awareness of my mental process, this gives me the opportunity to free myself from the busyness; constant chatter, of my mind, and with intentional, constant practice my subtle mind will be cultivated. The loving-kindness exercise fills my heart and mind with loving-kindness for myself, and everyone; soften and open my heart and mind to respond to life from a space of love and care.
I will continuously observe my thoughts, and conditioned reaction to life, and cultivate loving-kindness, and a calm conscious response to the challenges in life. I will intentionally increase my yoga practice to seven days per week mini sessions, I will also practice mini meditation each day before I get out of bed, and daily pray for all people to cultivate health, happiness, and wholeness.

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  1. Joan,

    I wish I could remember to daily pray for all people to cultivate health, happiness and wholeness. By December 15, I want to be able to subconsciously practice loving-kindness at full capacity. As the weeks progress, I am becoming less reactionary about life challenges.

    Thank you, very much for your blog!